Perforation Cutter PCU4/2.5 ()

    Perforation Cutter For A4+M (300Z) and XD Series Thermal Printer

    PCU-4-2.5 Perforation Cutter

    Perforation Cutter PCU4/2.5 for the A4+ series printer is specially designed for perforating or cutting into polyolefin based material. For very thinor very flexible materials preliminary test are recommended. The cutters have a durability of more than 500,000 cuts depending on material type. Cutter options inlcude a choice of cut after each label, cut after a specific quantity of labels or cut at the end of a print job (batch cut).

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • State of the Art Cutter
      • Excellent Blade Durability
      • Self Sharpening Blades
      • Low Maintenance
      • Optional cutter tray available
      • Removable Blades
      • Performs Circular Cut

      Industry Standards:



        Perforation Distance2.5mm
        Off-cut width0.5mm
        Perforation Length Minimum2.0mm
        Cut Length Minimum12.0mm
        Material WidthUp to 120.0mm
        Passage Height4.5mm
        Power SupplyPeripheral connector of the printer
        Firmware Required3.13 or higher is needed

        Ordering Code


        Any length to nearestTPS-PCU4/2.4A4+Perf Cutter PCU4/2.5
        MM to accomm. marking for A4+ and XD Series
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