The Ultimate in Print Technology

Our high performance identification systems provide cable markers which are beyond compare, capable of surviving the most aggressive environments in the world, and naturally out-perform standard products.

Advanced Ink Transfer

The unique method of ink transfer ensures that the ink actually penetrates the sleeve material and bonds with the molecules of the material substrate. The integrated ink is then sealed in, so that it is totally protected. The result is a composite mark that is completely indelible and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity and exposure to fuels and chemicals.

Outstanding Print Capability

Our skilled technicians can print virtually anything you want on the complete sleeve circumference, virtually any way you want, with complete accuracy. We can reproduce everything from the most basic to the most complex numeric, alpha-numeric or alpha characters, as well as instructions, symbols, tables and even logos. Characters can be printed in single or multi-lines of any length, from once to multiple times round the sleeve, in horizontal, vertical or variaxial® (combination of horizontal and vertical) formats.

Superior Ink Quality

Specially formulated inks and technology have been developed over decades to ensure we can provide the required mark permanence and performance for each material type. We can supply black, white, red, yellow, blue and green inks, plus other colours on request.

More Applications

We can print international RCC (resistor colour coded markers) in a wide range of materials. All the IPS (industrial protection sleeving) range of products can be printed in customised form, and we can even print on notoriously difficult materials such as PTFE without the need to pre-etch.

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