RPX Raised Panel Label Continuous (RPX)

    Extended Fire Safety Raised Panel Label

    The iTAG-RPX Continuous Raised Panel Label is specifically designed for the marking of instrument panels,control panels, electrical cabinets and racks. Made from zero halogen, low toxicity, self extinguishing radiation crosslinked UV stabilised polyolefin sheet material. Ideal for mass transit and underground applications where human life is critical as it features extended fire safety standard properties. The Raised Panel Labels are supplied on continuous rolls for thermal transfer printing, which means production using a perforation/cutter*, markers can be easily cut into desired length. Crosslinked adhesive contains no Halogen, Sulphur. No nitrogen used in radical initiators.

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • Zero Halogen
      • Low Smoke - Flame Retardant
      • Print Quality to Mil. Spec. Standards
      • London Underground Approved
      • Red print possible
      • Certified and issued to LUL-1-085
      • Meets material requirements of DEF STAN 59-97 T8
      • Meet material requirements of BS4G198 T15

      Industry Standards:

      • EN 45545-2 R24 (HL1, HL2 & HL3)
      • LUL 1-085
      • LUL 2-01001-002 (E1042A6)
      • BS6853 Cat. 1a
      • BS 4G198, Part 3, Type 15
      • DEF STAN 59-97, Type 8

      Additional Information

      Recommended Printer: -

      Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-SQX-300-S-NC-S

      Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-EOS1-300-S-NC-S

      Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-EOS4-300-S-NC-S

      Recommended Ribbon: -

      2020 Series Black

      Print Performance Adherence/Solvents: -

      Adherence: NF F 16-101

      Passed with following ribbons: TTR-040-300-BK-2020

      Solvents: NF F 16-101

      Passed with following ribbons: TTR-040-300-BK-2020


      Room Temperature at (50-70%) humidity

      The storage stability is one year after delivery



      Temperature Range-40c to +105c - 175c (Short Periods)
      FlammabilitySelf extinguishing
      Toxicity Index (D.Stan)0.938
      Smoke Index (D.Stan)5.6
      Oxygen (D.Stan)>31
      Tensile Strength7.0 MPa
      Elongation At Break200%
      Chemical ResistanceG198/DS 59-97 Fair

      Marker Size Length x Height

      Text Area

      Markers /box



      Order Code White & Yellow

      30 Metre x19mmVariableVariable30 MetreYW = YellowRPX-190-30M-YW-S
      30 Metre x19mmMM to accomm. markingWE = White
      RPXVariableVariable30 MetreRPX-190-30M-WE-S

      Many other bespoke sizes at your request.

      * If used in combination with an integrated perforation/cutter, re-sharpening of the blades will be regularly required.

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