Skydrol Resistant, Best of Breed Labels for the ADM Industry.

Siegrist-Orel produces a speciality range of labels for the Aerospace industry. We understand that there are various standards and tests that have to be passed before a label can be specified, and we have been helping companies for many years to make sure they have the right label for the right job.

Our Skydrol resistant labels are manufactured from DURAFOL™ 50µ top coated polyester, which offers superior chemical resistance combined with good, humidity, elevated temperature and UV resistance...

Compared to a label that is thermal transfer printed and then overlaminated, Durafol™ offers potential material and production cost advantages since it is a single process, using only one material. Independent tests carried out by Ricoh confirmed the product achieved maximum levels of resistance. 'Durafol™ meets and in most cases exceeds the needs of users by offering 25% improved chemical resistance compared to other films used in the same applications.'Its superior chemical resistance allows it to be thermal transfer printed and exposed to a variety of harsh chemicals such as toluene, Skydrol, brake fluid and acetone. With conventional grades offered by other suppliers, the print and/or the topcoating would be removed when exposed to such harsh fluids. Historically we have had to use over-laminates to pass such tests and have applied thermal transfer printable over laminates to obtain better durability'

'As a very durable topcoat, Durafol™ will afford us greater chemical and abrasion resistance, which will be of huge benefit in meeting the often stringent abrasion test requirements of certain automotive & aerospace specifications.

 Durafol comes in matt silver, white and clear and can be converted into die cut labels or custum specified continuous widths on 50 Meter spools on 3 inch cardboard core.


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