Efficient Bespoke Kit Folders - eliminate inventory, waste and operator time.

The easy to use lever arch file holds any combination of A4 or A5 kit cards, plus a laminated index card providing a record of each marker's location.

Rip out costs throughout the organisation - each kit is bespoke and contains all the required markers for a particular project or harness.  This means, as well as error/wastage elimination and operator printing time elimination, other hidden organisational costs are completely removed, such as inventory holding costs and purchasing administration costs; no need for extensive bill of material maintenance.

A small amount of preparation at the start of the project is required to optimise the layout and content of each kit.  This is completed with the assistance of our field based technical engineers.  The aim is to ensure that each marker is delivered direct to the operator at the time of need without any prior sorting or dissemination into sub kits etc.  This keeps the 'product flow' to a minimum which aligns with your lean organisational principles.

Bespoke kit folders from SIegrist-Orel continue to play a significant role on numerous international projects.  The drive for efficiency is no longer the preserve of high value inventory parts.  Quite often innefficient operations can come from areas of business where component costs are deemed too low to attract attention and 'professional' focus stops at analysis of price per piece.

At Siegrist-Orel we help our customers assess total cost of installation. Quite often we are able to eliminate unnecessary processes which can save more to the business than the enire cost of the marker itself.

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